Led Walls

Attract more customers attention with compelling LED walls.

Take your business boldly to where it hasn’t been before by adding LED video walls, which will increase engagement, uniqueness, sales and even improve your business’s word of mouth referrals.

If you want to improve your business’s commercial assertiveness without using promotions that are ‘in your face’, then a compelling LED wall display is the perfect solution for your business.

LED walls have grown in popularity over the last few years due to the high-impact that it has with customers and passers-by, as well as the relatively low cost to customise an engaging LED display that rivals or exceeds the digital displays seen in some of the world’s most iconic commercial spaces.

An engaging LED video wall will transform and become a ‘focal point’ for your business.

Why should you invest in an LED video wall display with Concept Displays?

The impression that you make with your business counts. It is important that you invest in an LED video wall solution that’s both reliable and high-quality.

Your LED wall display needs to provide an impression that will leave a positive impact with anybody that chooses to watch the media or messaging being displayed on your wall.

What are some of the features that you can expect with our LED walls?

LED video walls offer several features such as:

Excellent reliability

You can have full confidence, knowing that our LED wall displays will operate 24h a day, 7 days a week.

Low maintenance

The quality of our LED walls are second to none. We design and build them in a way so that very little maintenance is needed over the long-term.

Delivers seamless and high-resolution images.

Nobody wants to see images that are pixelated or blurred. You can have the confidence knowing that regardless of the digital canvas size, the images displayed on our LED walls will display in high definition.

LED video walls are only inches thin.

This makes our LED walls easily transportable between spaces. Additionally, you can conveniently ‘break’ it down and rebuild your LED wall in a different location for different promotions or designs that you have in mind.

No ambient light considerations

Our LED walls are effective in both well-lit and dark spaces.

Easily repairable.

Most LED video wall repairs involve a simple programming software upgrade or unscrewing the module of a broken light bulb, which makes them easy and cost-effective for maintenance and repairs.

What are some of the things you should keep in mind before purchasing an LED wall display?

Consider the viewing distance. If the display canvas is too large, the customers will have to stand afar to view the images that are being displayed on the wall. If the display canvas is too small, then it won’t attract attention.

Request a quote for an LED wall solution from Concept Displays.

Get in touch with one of the consultants from Concept Displays, who can advise you on the best LED wall solution for your business.

Interactive Displays

Concept Displays have 2 manufacturing plants in China and an office in Hong Kong manufacturing LCD screens, LCD touch screens, LCD video walls, LCD seamless video walls, LED display walls from P1.25 to P26 for both indoor and outdoor requirements, Interactive touch kiosks and way finders, interactive touch tables, Interactive touch mirrors and Interactive touch whiteboards, infa-red frame overlay kits.

Having these manufacturing plants ensures we are cost effective, time conscious, quality controlled and in control of manufacturing processes and standards. All products are manufactured to order which gives us the ability to customise and tailor any job to our clients requirements. We cater for all retail, point-of-sale environments no matter what the size around Australia engaging all demographics of clientele. We have a nationally recognised and awarded installation company, specialising in the interactive products, installing for Concept Displays across Australia.


Indoor & Outdoor Kiosks

Automate your business processes, and free up your available resources with a kiosk solution

Kiosks aren’t just a novel way to attract new customers with fancy technology.

Interactive kiosks can also help business owners automate processes of their business, freeing up time and resources for better overall management of their premises. Take for example, a kiosk that helps to direct customers to their requested product when sales attendants are preoccupied, or one that helps customers address specific queries that would otherwise take up a big portion of a staff member’s daily efforts.


Why should you invest in a kiosk solution from Concept Displays?

It shouldn’t take a person to look too far these days, to find self-service kiosks in use at popular supermarkets, fast food chains, and well-known mega malls. Just because it’s the big brand larger businesses that have been known to adopt the use of kiosks, doesn’t necessarily mean that only big business gets to benefit from the use of such technology. Depending on what area of your business you want to automate, even small, family-owned organisations can benefit from the novelty, or automation provided with a kiosk.


What features can you expect from our kiosk solutions?

Kiosks offer business owners a creative variety of applications that help to enhance customer experiences, and upgrade specific areas of their organisation with automation. A kiosk goes beyond impressing your customers with a practical application of technology – having kiosks helps you create a depth of interactivity for your business that can not only impress your customers, but also help you run your operations more effectively in the long-term.


What should you keep in mind before purchasing a kiosk solution?

Automating transaction processes is a popular way for many businesses to use kiosks, but a well-placed interactive kiosk could be worth its weight in return on your advertising investment. Kiosks can act as interactive product catalogues, and can draw the attention and further interest of passers-by when set-up at promotional booths during trade fairs or road shows for your business. Apart from promotional use, waiting room and consultation areas in privately run practices could also feature interactive kiosk terminals to occupy any client who faces any amount of waiting time. With a kiosk, you could further educate your clients about your business, or even get them to participate in a service survey so you know just how to improve their next visit.

Kiosks also provide the crucial benefit of inventory management. While stocktaking of inventory items is usually seen to be a tedious and meticulous process by floor staff and managers of say, a large warehouse, having a kiosk operate as a point of sale terminal would allow you to not only direct customer queries, but also register what’s gone in and out of your inventory while transactions are being made. On top of freeing up the manpower required to individually address the queries of every customer, a kiosk also allows your company to further cut down on time wastage, by helping your keep your database and inventory up to date so you can focus on more crucial areas of running your business.


Request a quote for a kiosk solution from Concept Displays

At Concept Displays, we offer specifically designed interactive kiosks that can be deployed independently, featuring the right hardware and software to create impressive experiences for your clients and customers. The kiosks we design are made available for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on whether our client is trying to set up an in-store information booth, or an outdoor drive-through service for their shop. Whether its or booking tickets, to issue directions within a large warehouse shop space, or even for entertainment purposes at a promotional booth, a kiosk can go a long way in rejuvenating your business’ appeal to new customers. Consult with our representatives today, to see how a kiosk could make a welcome and timely addition for your organisation.

Interactive Mirrors

LCD Brochures

LCD Screens

Seamless Video Walls

Tell stories worth remembering, and wow your customers with a seamless video wall display

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the worth of a video display, when considering the promotion of your business. Give your customers something to be wowed by, even before they engage your staff on a purchase decision or service consultation. With our seamless video walls, we offer your organisation a way to add depth to the customer experience, by featuring dynamic displays that create and instant, long-lasting appeal for your intended audiences.


Why should you invest in a seamless video wall from Concept Displays?

At Concept Displays, we provide businesses with the option of high quality, commercial grade digital video wall solutions that can be applied in a variety of ways to engage your customers, and give your business the edge it needs to maintain a reputable and lasting professional impression. Depending on the space available, and on your specific business needs, we offer customised layouts that involve either multiple screens, or a single screen that can be used to display content in your chosen style.


What features can you expect from our seamless video walls?

Our seamless video walls provide a wide breadth of applications, especially for business owners who seek to create a lasting impression through the use of practical technology. Besides helping your business gain an impressive technological edge, our seamless video walls can create a noteworthy impact for your organisation in terms of cost-savings, and efficient operations.

Our video walls can equip your business with a way to save cost on printed material, and ways to keep customers engaged within your premises. Consider the scenario of a large, professional waiting room. Be it for consultation or other services, a well-placed video-wall can keep your clients and customers from getting impatient, by keeping them up to date on various promotions or new product details that they might want to consider enquiring about, prior to engaging one of your staff.


What should you keep in mind before purchasing a seamless video wall?

While it’s a trend that not all Australian businesses have caught up with, providing a live social media feed within the spaces of your waiting areas could also assure any new or returning visitors to your premises of your company’s ability to stay ahead of the industry curve, and your competitors. Especially useful when deployed during roadshows or public events, our video walls can be equipped to consolidate and display any live information that you have running in tandem with a creative promotion, or social media competition. Nothing enforces the impression of a community-backed and supported business like a cascading video wall of your customers’ social media posts featuring your brand or product. If brand recognition and customer loyalty are focuses of your enterprise, it is well worth considering how a seamless video wall display can help you achieve the heights of success you desire.

Even back-end areas of operations could benefit tremendously from our seamless video wall displays. Depending on the space you are working with, and your need for surveillance or information, our video walls can be purposed to maximise the way you would use a live feed within your operations. We provide custom layouts that help your security and IT teams operate effectively, without having to liaise between different terminals or separate screens – all with the application of one of our video wall setups.


Request a quote for a seamless video wall from Concept Displays

Our video wall displays utilise high quality screens, come complete with professional installation and content management systems – so you get to decide what content you’d like to display, and how you feel it should be creatively expressed. Consult with us at Concept Displays today, to find a tailored solution that will help maximise the impression your brand creates, with the effective use of technology provided with our seamless video walls.