Stand out from the clutter with a well-placed outdoor sign

It might seem like a basic consideration for a business owner to invest in outdoor signage for their premises – but it can be surprising to know how easily some business overlook the need for adequate outdoor signs. The question that rests on most Australian entrepreneurs’ minds, especially when thinking about their profit margins, is “How do I get new customers to notice me?” If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, you might want to keep it simple, and think about putting up a good sign for your premises.


Why should you invest in outdoor signs from Concept Displays?

There are a few factors to consider, when wanting to maximise visibility for your business in an outdoor setting. Outdoor signs are a standard way to grab the attention of passers-by, or just to help your brand stand out from the clutter of footfall, say at a convention, or trade fair. The key to creating a purposeful and effective piece of outdoor signage lies with a good understanding of what you’d like it to be used for.


What features can you expect from our outdoor signs?

Practicality is a good rule of thumb to firstly consider, when assessing your business’ need for effective outdoor signs. While they are a very standard application that most businesses use to simply get the attention of their target audiences, outdoor signs can be a tactical means to prompt passers-by, especially when they least expect. Consider the use of custom-designed outdoor signs that you could place throughout a large warehouse space. If you don’t have the manpower and creative resources to provide a user-friendly experience of your business, well-placed outdoor signs can welcome any visitor even before they’ve parked their car, or found their way to the product they were looking for.


What should you keep in mind before purchasing an outdoor sign?

However, there are ways to apply an outdoor sign that ensure your business gets the attention it deserves, all-year-round. Consider the orientation and environment that your business is in. After you’ve asked yourself the basic questions of which customers you want to attract, and how you would prefer to do that, the next logical step is in understanding how your outdoor sign should be placed. Typically, it would be best to capitalise on locations such as street corners, and enhance your visibility when faced with any source of oncoming foot or vehicular traffic; such as main street intersections, and even spots where highways can see your brand on a billboard.

While cost-efficiency is understandably the mainstay of a business owner’s considerations when investing in advertising material for their organisation, an area that most businesses can sometimes overlook is in its creative appeal to its audiences. While it’s a simple task to put your brand on a sign, it might be worth considering if your outdoor signage is creative enough to draw the attention of your intended audience. Have you done an honest review of whether your sign is more appealing than what your competitors are putting out there? The professional opinion of a creative agency, or production agency such as ours could help your brand go the distance in maximising its outdoor visibility and appeal.


Request a quote for an outdoor sign from Concept Displays

If your current business focus lies with wanting to stand out from the competition, consider working with an expert to identify your need for a creative way to maximise tangible results for your organisation. At Concept Displays, we bring a wealth of experience from working with various clients from all types of industries, and put that understanding towards recommending best practices that keep your business attracting new footfall and revenue. Browse through our selection of past works to see how we have helped countless businesses establish an attractive presence in the market. Consult with our representatives to find out how your company can gain long-term benefit with a well-placed, well-designed outdoor sign.