Keep your customers well-informed, and your premises organised with our custom brochure stands

As a business owner, it’s understandable that you would want to keep your customers and clients well informed on the products and services your company provides. However, it may not be the most effective approach to dump all that information onto every walk-in customer, or client consultation that your business encounters. When time and the limits of human memory prove to be a constraint, look to light business literature, such as brochures, as a way to give your clientele a snapshot of what your company provides – a sort of greeting card that they can take home with them, when they find themselves in need to carefully consider how they might engage your business.


Why should you invest in brochure stands from Concept Displays?

At Concept Displays, we provide custom-designed brochure stands that help you maximise the visibility of your business literature, so you’ll have a way to influence your customers’ future purchasing decisions long after they’ve encountered your sales team or visited your premises. Every brochure stand we create is tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. While some of our customers are comfortable selecting from our catalogue of popular brochure stand designs, a quick consultation with our sales representatives could easily help you address your business’ pressing need to increase customer awareness of your organisation.


What features can you expect from our brochure stands?

Our brochure stands and brochure holders are a great way to help your business display its products and services in a neat and professional way. Whether you have catalogues, postcards, or pamphlets that you’d like to encourage your customers to take with them, our brochure stands can give your business the edge you need in terms of maximising your product and service visibility. Easy to use and to set up, our custom-made brochure stands are sure to be a fit for any business need – whether as a permanent fixture at your company’s premises, or even as a temporary addition at roadshows, and other promotional pop-up events.


Apart from helping your team get its marketing literature out there, brochure stands are also an effective way to keep your premises organised, especially in the case of private practices that see a daily amount of walk-in clients. On top of providing your clients with information about your company that they may keep and refer to, allow them to leave your premises with a lasting impression of a well-run, and meticulously organised business. They say that first impressions count – but surely a good, lasting impression of your company will help to keep your clientele returning!


What should you keep in mind before purchasing a brochure stand?

At Concept Displays, we understand how business needs can vary across different clients, and the industries they represent. While most businesses and practices face the common need to display their literature at their premises using a brochure stand, our customised designs also cater to clients who may find themselves in temporary, or short-term need of a brochure stand. In such cases, we also offer custom-designed cardboard brochure holders that are perfect for that periodic product or service promotion, or for that weekend promotional event that’s coming up for the final quarter of the year.


Request a quote for a brochure stand solution from Concept Displays

However specific your need is to maximise the visibility of your products and services, Concept Displays provides creative, customisable solutions that are backed by years of experience. Whether you’re after a stand that’s attention-grabbing, creative, or even just one that gets the job done, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a variety of configurations that considers your specific needs for visibility, all while keeping positive business results for your organisation in mind. Have a browse through our collection of popular brochure stands below, or contact us to see how we can help get the word out for your company.