Draw visitors to your business with a touch of animated magic

Few things are as eye-catching for your business, as an animated display to attract new clients and customers. Imagine having a simple, cost-effective way to show them what your business is all about – in just a quick few flashes! Perfect for public areas that experience high volumes of foot or vehicular traffic, our animated displays use simple technology that can help you get your message across in an attention grabbing format that’s easy on the eyes.


Why should you invest in animated display options from Concept Displays?

Plenty of business owners lean on cost-efficiency when considering advertising formats for their operations. This creates the tendency for business owners and managers to opt for simpler, traditional display options such as static posters and signs. However, what some business owners may not consider is how static displays may not be as attractive in the long run, when it comes to attracting new customers.

Animated displays are a simple technology application that can give your business the edge it needs to stand out from the clutter of the modern day advertising landscape. Considering that most businesses adopt such conservative approaches to the promotion of their product and services, animated display options can provide the perfect opportunity for you to give your premises and sales messages the much needed edge to continue attracting prospective clientele, long after traditional signs and posters may need replacing.


What features can you expect from our animated displays?

At Concept Displays, our animated displays feature simple back light technology that’s easy to install and maintain. Our custom designed animated displays equip your business with an attractive format of advertising that isn’t loud like a neon-lit sign, but stands out from the everyday clutter of the usual posters and signs in a subtle yet clever format. Depending on the style of animation you prefer, we use backlit lighting sequences to create a simple animation that helps you emphasise a product feature, and provide your business with an eye-catching example to immediately connect with your public audiences.

If you find that the loud glare of a neon-lit advertisement may not be suited to the tastes of your business and its clientele, consider the options we provide for animated signages at Concept Displays. Our animated signs and displays use flexible lightweight products that emit light, similarly to how a backlit light box works. We provide custom designs for our clients, and produce high-quality, high-resolution images that are placed over a source of light. When animated in a sequence or pattern, the light flashes over specific areas of the high-resolution image, bringing only that portion of the image to life. What you ultimately get is a way to feature a creative animated sequence that uses eye-catching movements to bring any product or service to life.


What should you keep in mind before purchasing an animated display?

Give your business the wow factor it needs. Whether it’s for a special promotion, or an unbeatable service offering that you want your business to be known for, an animated display is a cost-effective way to earn the curiosity and attention of your potential customers. They say that the way a product is packaged can count for a lot when seeking to influence purchasing decisions – so why not package your business message in a way that charms your audiences the way a plain sign or poster can’t?


Request a quote for an animated display solution from Concept Displays

With the average customer exposed daily to countless visual advertising displays, it makes perfect business sense for business owners to consider novel, and non-intrusive ways to make their business stand out from the competition. Browse through the option below, or consult directly with us at Concept Displays for an idea of how our custom designed animated displays and animated signs can help your business get the attention it deserves.


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